Island Time

Daphne Vermeulen, Chicas Photo Productions and this year’s Road Warriors — Becca, David, Ashley, Malcolm and Tim — enthusiastically rose to the challenge of an ambitious photoshoot. It was a fantastic collaboration.

Meet the Road Warriors.
Photography by Daphne Vermeulen with assistant Inge Van Altena; Styling by Anouck Goudsmit; Hair & Makeup by Franceen Denbow; Production by Marcia De Goede/Chicas Photo Productions; Wardrobe courtesy DLG; Jewelry & Watches courtesy Freeport Jewelers; Props courtesy Chicas Photo Productions & SBR

Hosted by Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort
Special thanks to Danielle and Joaquin Duenas of Touraçao

Fright Night

Three Halloween revelers come upon a scary Victorian mansion, cautiously approach the front door and find themselves in the midst of a fancy masquerade ball. Their horrifying predicament is ultimately mundane and relatable — they're underdressed at a chic party.

I defined the narrative and aviator character and asked Red Nose Studio to develop additional characters and bring it all to life. I’m thrilled with the results.

Simply Grand

Team Robert Dahey delivered a tour de force performance at this year’s Road Warrior photoshoot, and this year’s Road Warriors — Flory, Ruban, Gillian, Jerry and Nish — responded in kind. My “Warriors on the Move” concept was taken in stride by all.

Meet the Road Warriors.
Photography by Robert Dahey with assistants Jerome Brua, Kyle Ong, Jair Flores, Ryan Torres, and Quentin Andersen; Wardrobe by Devon Barnes with Jenna Barnes and Lisa Winans; Makeup by Flora Wade; Hair by Aurora Dewey

Hosted by The Grand Del Mar

Healthful Travel

Veda and Gustav Schmiege (far right)  on the set of  Celebrated Living ’s Spring 2013 cover shoot

Veda and Gustav Schmiege (far right) on the set of Celebrated Living’s Spring 2013 cover shoot


Art director Marilyn Calley and Team Gustav Schmiege created a bold and beautiful image from my funny little sketches for the Spring 2013 cover of Celebrated Living.

Photography by Gustav Schmiege

Why I Need an Editor

A page from D Home, May/June 2010

My unedited contribution: Sweet Jesus! This chair is a crown of thorns for your ass — simultaneously devotional and sexually deviant. I certainly wouldn’t sit on it (unless, of course, I had been very, very naughty), but I’d love a miniature version to display on a bookshelf.

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“My Neck of the Woods” chair, $9,200