Simply Grand

Team Robert Dahey delivered a tour de force performance at this year’s Road Warrior photoshoot, and this year’s Road Warriors — Flory, Ruban, Gillian, Jerry and Nish — responded in kind. My “Warriors on the Move” concept was taken in stride by all.

Meet the Road Warriors.
Photography by Robert Dahey with assistants Jerome Brua, Kyle Ong, Jair Flores, Ryan Torres, and Quentin Andersen; Wardrobe by Devon Barnes with Jenna Barnes and Lisa Winans; Makeup by Flora Wade; Hair by Aurora Dewey

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Healthful Travel

Veda and Gustav Schmiege (far right)  on the set of  Celebrated Living ’s Spring 2013 cover shoot

Veda and Gustav Schmiege (far right) on the set of Celebrated Living’s Spring 2013 cover shoot


Art director Marilyn Calley and Team Gustav Schmiege created a bold and beautiful image from my funny little sketches for the Spring 2013 cover of Celebrated Living.

Photography by Gustav Schmiege

Viva Thanksgiving

Team Randal Ford executed my “Thanksgiving in Vegas” concept with panache. The turkey is gorgeous. And that bird ain’t too shabby, either.

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Photography by Randal Ford with assistants Austin Lochheed and Emily McCartney; Food Styling by Stephanie Greenwood; Hair & Makeup by Randi Rogers; Wardrobe by Sally Schnitzius; Retouching by Gigantic Squid; G.P. “The Riot” Theriot IV is Elvis.

We Know Why You Fly

Chevy Chase on the cover of American Way’s award-winning September 1, 2011, issue

American Way earned two Maggie Awards for publishing excellence — Most Improved Publication and Best Travel & In-Transit — from the Western Publishing Association.

Photography by Evan Kafka

Mercedes-Benz Gets It

My illustration of an iPhone impersonating an R2 unit

There’s no need to teach your dumb car how to find the nearest pizza joint, send a text message, or overthrow the Galactic Empire when you already have a supercomputer in your pants.

See the iPhone 4S at work in a 2013 Mercedes-Benz A-Class.